Greenbank School

"Every Child is an artist, the problem is to remain an artist once we grow up" - Pablo Picasso 

At Greenbank school we recognise the importance of nurturing creativity within our pupils. We are proud to be able to showcase our children’s’ work around the school for all to see. We encourage the children to use their imagination and think creatively. This allows them to express their ideas and record their experiences through a range of different media, including sketching, painting, drawing, textiles, printmaking and clay. Children will also have time to look at the work of a variety of artists and designers of different movements and media. They also study artwork produced by different cultures and use the Internet for research. The artwork produced is often inspired by their topic work and cross curricular links are planned, to enrich the pupils’ learning in other subject areas.   

Pupils studying art at Greenbank often produce exceptional work and find their studies enjoyable, stimulating and very rewarding. All children at Greenbank from Preschool to year 6 will participate in whole school Art Exhibition, taking place in the Hall every three years, a fantastic opportunity to showcase the children’s’ talent and creativity.

ISA Area & National Art Competitions
Every year, each of the ISA Areas holds their own Area Art Competition, which is followed by a national adjudication at the Autumn Study Conference. We are proud at Greenbank to have produced many successful winners, at both regional and National level.

Gaye Chorlton
Art Teacher