Greenbank School

Learning Support

Learning Support

At Greenbank Preparatory School we recognise that children have individual strengths and weaknesses and we are committed to helping all children reach their potential. Class teachers differentiate carefully to ensure that each child receives appropriate learning opportunities while following the same schemes of work.

Some children may require additional support to that provided by the class teacher and at Greenbank Preparatory School we have specialist teachers who provide individual and group lessons. Exceptionally able children will receive differentiated tasks within the classroom and may be withdrawn for extension activities.

The latest inspection team highlighted the quantity and quality of support provided by Greenbank Preparatory School as being outstanding:

"There are no statemented pupils but those who have been identified by the school as needing learning support are well supported through one-to-one sessions, support from classroom assistants and by special educational needs teachers. Pupils on the gifted and talented register are also well provided for to ensure that they continue to make progress".

Learning Support Information Report 2018