Greenbank School

Governing Body

The Board of Trustees

Greenbank is an Educational Trust and a Charity, managed by a Board of Trustees, who all freely donate their time and expertise. The Board is responsible for determining the aims and overall conduct of the school. It sets and reviews the policies, plans and procedures, including the proper control of its finances, that will ensure the best possible education for present and future pupils of the school.

The Board itself is comprised of the Headmistress, current parents, former parents, former pupils and independent members who have particular expertise in finance, education, law, medicine, building and construction, information technology, marketing and business management.  

The Board meets on a monthly basis to ensure that Greenbank Preparatory School remains at the forefront of Independent Primary Schools in the North West in providing an outstanding educational experience for its pupils.

The Chairman of the Trustees Mr P Enstone along with any of the Trustees can be contacted through the School Office. Any correspondence should be marked CONFIDENTIAL and will be forwarded immediately. Telephone conversations and meetings in school can also be organised.

Trustees List


Tel: 0161 485 3724
Fax: 0161 485 5519